Hard Hat Open House

Open House Invitation

On September 21, 2018 Corner Team, Inc. held a Hard Hat Open House to show residents their new space at 1101 East 25th Street in Midway. They are planning to utilize it in the future for their Corner Team Boxing & Fitness Club. At the Open House, attendees were able to practice their 1-2 punch, enjoy light fare and hear the vision that Corner Team has for the future. Until renovations are completed at the 25th Street location Corner Team will continue to hold their program at Walter P Carter Recreation Center located at 820 East 43rd Street.

When the organization was founded in 2015 by professional boxer, and former Ghanaian National Champion, Michael Gbenga it was called Corner Team Boxing and focused on youth. It has since expanded its mission to include programs that engage senior citizens and people with disabilities — populations typically overlooked by organized sports programs but equally in need of the benefits that come from active participation in them.

Boxing Champion Michael Gbenga greets Delegate Mary Washington as Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke and Marvin W. McDowell, Jr. watch