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Greater Greenmount Community Association

How To Get Involved

Become a GGCA Member

Five Reasons You Should Join GGCA

  1. To be represented. In order to effectively accomplish our goals and serve as a voice for the community, we need to have representation from across our community. Being a member allows you to vote in GGCA business.

  2. To get answers. GGCA is here to help with everything from when trash days are to how to contact your elected officials to upcoming proposed developments in the area. As your community voice, we're in the know and look forward to sharing vital community information with you.

  3. To make a difference. Good things don’t just happen. People make them happen. As a member of GGCA, you can learn about a variety of volunteer opportunities that enable you to share your time and talent with the neighborhood. Neighborhood Clean Up Days, Midway Care Packages, and Boone Street Commons are just a couple examples of recent projects GGCA has supported.

  4. To feel good about being involved. Everyone plays a part in the community in which they live. GGCA can help you play a stronger part by providing information and updates on issues related to housing and business development, crime and safety; helping to support resident-initiated projects; and sharing information about community events and resources.

  5. To network. GGCA is comprised of neighbors of all ages and walks of life. Get to know people in your community through events and meetings.

Serve on a Committee

Community Safety

The purpose of the GGCA Community Safety Committee is to address concerns that affect safety within the Barclay and East Baltimore Midway Communities. The safety objectives are:

  • Crime reduction

  • Cleanliness (Litter and illegal Dumping)

  • Overall safety of residents of Barclay and East Baltimore Midway (as defined by the committee members)

Land Use

The purpose of the GGCA Land Use Committee is to represent the best interests and needs of the community relating to housing and business development, zoning, and transportation. It is a GGCA board requirement that all developers, community stakeholders, and partners who are seeking community letters of support relating to land use make an appointment to present to the Land Use Committee at a regularly scheduled, monthly meeting.

Got an idea for a committee or project? Contact us and share your idea.

Join us at our Community Meetings

GGCA general meetings are held monthly September through June from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm on the second Tuesday of the month.

Check out News & Updates for meeting locations and notes

Organize an event for our Community

Have an idea of an event that you'd like to see in our community? Maybe you've been doing something on your block and would like to share it with the neighbors?

Let us know by contacting us!

Apply to be GGCA Board Member

Board Members (Directors) serve a 2 year term and are elected at the Annual Meeting. The Officers shall be elected by the Directors following the Annual Meeting.

Contact us to submit an application to apply for a director position.