Greenmount-North Garden

Fencing weaving on the corner of Greenmount Ave and E North Ave

As part of our activities during the 2013 Mayor’s Spring Cleanup local visual artist and MICA grad, Emily C-D, and her colleagues, Katey Truhn, Jessie Unterhalter worked with local residents to install a series of Mexican-style weavings on the fence around a lot on the corner of Greenmount Avenue and North Avenue.

The lot had been adopted by GGCA last year and, working with the Civic Works Community Lot Team, neighborhood residents and volunteers began the transformation of what had been a trash-strewn eyesore into an attractive ornamental garden. The project was supported by the Central Baltimore Partnership with funding from the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation.

The fence weavings, with their intricate patterns and bright colors, add visual interest to the garden. As plantings mature during the spring and summer the colors in the garden will complement those on the fence.

Stop by and enjoy the calming effects of nature in the midst of the bustle of a very busy intersection.


Below is a picture of a class project in Mrs. Nancy Witt’s kindergarten class in Folsom, California. It was inspired by the fence weavings at our garden, which Mrs. Witt saw when she was visiting Baltimore.