Conserve Energy

Newly planted trees in the 800 block of East 20th Street

In 2010 Greater Greenmount Community Association worked with Baltimore Energy Challenge (BEC) to inform residents about ways to reduce energy consumption in the home. BEC worked with GGCA to train residents as Energy Captains to visit their neighbors and to provide them with free energy-saving products and tips. We also worked with BEC to plant trees.

Why is BEC helping to plant trees (you may ask)? What do trees have to do with saving energy? Once trees mature they provide shade in the summertime thereby reducing the need for cooling.

We planted trees in yards and along streets. In addition to working with BEC we also worked with TreeBaltimore, which provided us with the trees and with Forestry, Tree Services of the Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks, which evaluated the most appropriate location for trees along the street.